Friends and 'Family'...
Bayside Dalmatians, Florida
Bottoms Up Dalmatians
, Florida
Fiacre Dalmatians, Nevada
Kastle Dalmatians, Nevada
Melody Dalmatians, Colorado
Paisley Dalmatians, Minnesota
Picotee Dalmatians, Idaho
Ravin Dalmatians, Montana
RockStar Dalmatians, North Carolina
Satin Dalmatians, Nebraska
Smiling Dalmatians, California
South Street Dalmatians, Iowa
Stellar Dalmatians, Wisconsin
Tandava Dalmatians, Kansas
Thidwick Dalmatians, Illinois
Trinity Dalmatians, Oregon
Informational ...
The American Kennel Club
The Dalmatian Club of America
Dalmatian Assistance League/Dalsavers (rescue resource)
Dalmatian Websites (Listings sorted by Kennel Name, Breeder's Name, and State)
Dalmatian Website Tour (Hosted by Paisley Dalmatians)
eDalmatians Magazine (On-line monthly magazine for Dalmatians) (Vet resource site for health, behavior & safety issues)
OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)
CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation)
Doctors Foster & Smith
Springtime Inc. (Nutritional Supplements) Fresh Factors
K9 Top Coats (Look for Rhett and Ginger modeling some of their products!)