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May 8th, 2010
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Lilly is now
CHAMPION Dashing's Fire Flower ... she earned her second major in Ohio on Saturday (12/12)!!
Sparkles earned her Jumpers withWeaves title, she is now
CH Sparkles NAJ RN RA and CGC ... stay tuned for the NA!
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Robin earned a BBE Group 3 on the Montana June Circuit.
I feed and recommend a biologically appropriate raw food diet for my Dalmatians.  (click on the link for more info)
Blaze gpes Winners Dog and Best of Winners BOTH days in Pittsburg for 4 points ... he was even  Best of Opposite over a Special on Saturday!
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Funding research and education
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The AKC Dalmatian national parent breed club
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Links to other responsible Dalmatian breeders and resources
It's ALL About SPOTS!
My love for Dalmatians started over 20 years ago, and has been a passion ever since!  I knew when I got my first Dalmatian that I would have Dals the rest of my life.  In fact, I can't imagine my life without at least one Dal in it.  Literally the perfect breed for me, I love their striking appearance, intelligence, affectionate yet protective nature, athleticism, and entertaining personalities.

Located in the foothills of the Continental Divided and the Rocky Mountains half way between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks in the Helena Montana area,
Dashing Dalmatians is not a kennel, but simply the name I use to distinguish the Dalmatians in my breeding program.  You might think of it as a bit like your last name.  All my Dalmatians are members of my family, and as such, spend their time and live with me.

I am blessed to live with healthy, intelligent, athletic, humorous, affectionate, and beautiful Dalmatians who I hope will have a positive influence on the breed I adore.  First, and always, they are companions, so their temperament or personalities, good health, and breed type are my main considerations for a breeding program.  Whether they are in the show ring, on an agility course, obediently listening to commands, trotting along side a horse, bike or runner, out for a walk, doing therapy work or simply keeping company with their human family,
Dashing Dalmatians should always be the 'type' of Dalmatian that other people admire!