Tragically I lost Ginny suddenly to the same cancer that took Rhett, as I tried to rush her to the Vet.  I miss her "Gin Grins" and "Nuggles" in the morning.

I see her, in her many beautiful puppies, but it still makes my heart ache.  I always felt proud and safe when I had her with me.

Wild thing ... you make my heart sing. 
You make everything grooovvey!
Wild thing ... I love ...
and I know for sure ...

My first liver.  My first brood bitch.  You'll always be in my heart and mind.

"Gin Grin" for my mom, sweet, silly Ginny!  I love and miss you ...

Kohler Photography
Aptly named for Ginger Rogers, her look is classic and her movement is captivating!  Her lovely marking are a deep, rich liver.  There is nothing 'slight' about this girl - well muscled and in naturally great condition, she's a sight to behold when moving, with a ton of reach and drive.  And then there is that beautiful face...  Although smart and sweet, she's got a fire inside.  She started her show career with back-to-back Best of Breed wins and has a Best Adult in Match Show win too.  She finished with three majors - all owner handled!.

Incredibly smart, Ginger learns quickly and really enjoys pleasing me by obediently listening to commands.  It won't surprise me a bit if she enjoys the Obedience ring more than the Breed ring.  She's started her Agility training, and is having a blast.  When she's not running the agility course, she loves playing with her dog buddies .  She thinks it's her mission in life to give every child a kiss on the chin and is more than happy to share her love with any adult she meets.  She's my Little Liver Love!

Ginger has excelled as a brood-bitch.  I couldn't be more pleased with the depth of quality in her first litter with Ch. Ravin's Dashing Rhett CGC "Rhett".  Her first Champion from the litter is daughter
"Sparkles", Ch. Dashing's All Fired Up, followed by daughter "Star", Ch. Dashing's Rising Star at Picotee, and her handsome son "Bond", Dashing's Special Agent is pointed as well, but has taken time off from showing due to injuries, but will none the less become a Therapy dog.. 

There are two beautiful liver daughters from her second litter with Ch. Bayside's South St Strutter TDI CGC "Strutter", including
"Robin" Dashing's What Dreams May Come and the first Champion from this litter (and first Champion daughter for her Sire)  "Lilly" Ch. Dashing's Fire Flower both of whom will have second careers , for Robin in Obedience and Agility and for Lilly in Therapy and Agility.  The entire litter displayed exceptional temperaments.  Many of the puppies are going on to performance careers, including the only boy in the litter "Buddy", Dashing's Buddy To The Last Alarm who is slated to become a Fire Education dog with his Fireman owner, John,  as well as competing in Agility.

Ginny had her final litter(s) in 2009. Ginny and I experienced tragedy with her litter sired by Ch. Bayside's Little Man Big Plan "Tate", as we lost 4 of the 5 puppies in the first 36 hours after they were born.  They just failed to thrive, except one truly exceptional liver boy, who was strong and robust from the start,
Ch.Dashing's Blazing Fire "Blaze", who will make his conformation debut early 2010.  Raised as a singleton, the world is his ... his motto, if he were human without a doubt would be, "Living in the moment, and loving every moment of it!"  A 'repeat' breeding took place with Tate's Sire, (UKC) Ch. Bayside's Open Road BarNone "Hitch", which produced beautiful puppies, including "Tebow" Dashing N Bayside's The Swamp Thing, and "Soarin" Dashing N Bayside's Ride the Wind who have careers in the conformation ring, as well as "Matia" Dashing N Bayside's Princess of DalMatia and "Kaya" who are both Agility prospects.
A rare example of OUTSTANDING 'reach & drive' coupled with a clean 'down and back'!!
Bilateral hearing           OFA prelim's Normal
Thyroid Normal           Stone Free
Allergy Free                  22 Inches   48 lbs.
This is a picture of Ginger modeling 'her' scarf from the K-9 Top Coats catalog and website.  Check out all their wonderful products from my 'Links' page!