Presents the real stars ... the loving family companions!
From the April 2007 Ch. Strutter X Ginger litter...
Sophie and Elsa found their forever homes with sisters, Samantha or Sammy and Jessica here in the Helena valley.  Sophie is as sweet as they come and Elsa is still the 'Little Lioness'!  I hope to see Jessica and Elsa in Agility soon.  Sophie and Sammy will be there to cheer them on and support them ... Sophie preferably, and likely, in Sammy's lap!!
Not that there was any question, but you can certainly tell these girls are adored by these beautiful portraits!
There is just nothing better than, "a boy and his dog".  And that's exactly what you have with Riley and Daphne!  Daphne has made herself at home with the Wright family in Utah.  We've heard that she thinks she's the boss of everyone and has stollen all their hearts ... It shouldn't be a problem though, because she's such a kissey-girl, there's plenty of love to give right back!
Pong with new 'Dad' Cameron, ready for their flight home to the Bahamas ...
check out our photo album ... there's a great shot of Pong and Dad sleeping on the flight!
Ping with new 'Dad' Cameron, ready for their flight home to the Bahamas!
To see our 'Photo Album' with lots of
pictures of our first weekend home!
Ping and Pong boating with 'Mom' Barbara
Bella, Dashing's Princess Annabella, is at home in Billings with with Mom, Susan, and Dad, John, along with new Dal 'brother' Scout who she completely adores ... oh, and the cats too!  If she could just get them to play with her!!  Bella is definitely Mom's Princess and Daddy's Little Girl ... all is well and how it should be in her world!
I was pleased to find out from her Mom and Dad that Bella LOVES the fall ... just like me!!