Presents the real stars ... the loving family companions!
From the March 2005 Ch. Rhett X Ginger litter...
Bella Bridget, or Bella B for short, formerly 'Shiner'. Keeping the Hodapp family of the Seattle WA area on their toes ... because they have a few missing shoes!

At left, with best Gal-Dal-Pal, Bailey. At right, pondering her next gardening decision ... "What do you think, Mom, a hole right about here??"  .
6 months old
9 months old
Cuddling next to the fire with Bailey
"Ahem, this is my 'spot' in the bed..."
Bella B and her new buddy, Taco.  Who is not hanging from her ears this time!
Dyson found a mud hole ... in Oregon during the winter???  How could that be???
Naptime with Dad.  We're just recharging before our next adventure. But, Dad's wore-out trying to keep up with us!
Hoover on the left, Dyson on the right.  "What next????"
The Double Trouble Duo of Hoover, formerly Baloo 'Blue Boy', and Dyson, formerly Cortez 'Gold Boy' at home in Ashland OR with the Robertson family.  Besides their human family members, this 'Dynamic Duo' also share their home with a senior Akita, a Great Dane, and a few cats!
Dashing's Sublime Inspiration, Lou, formerly Purple Boy has been living the 'jet-set' lifestyle appropriate for someone named after a 'rock star' - even a spotted one!  If we can just get Lou and his new owner Fernando off the beaches of Cancun, Alcapulco, and Cabo or at least sitting for a couple of minutes, then we might get the picture we've been waiting for.  "Quick!  Someone grab a camera!"  Good boys! (Yeah, they really love each other!)
Dash, formerly Green Boy, has had a busy summer with his new family.  Obedience started right away when the oldest daugher, Dash's Mistress, taught him to sit and wait for food.  He's even been to her school, and was a huge hit with her classmates!  This picture was taken over the New Years holiday 2005/2006, while visiting family friends.