Synonyms: dapper, spirited, showy, gallant, flashy display
Ch Bayside's South Street Strutter CGC TDI

Breeder: Karen Moore, South St Dalmatians
Owner: Trish Dreby, Bayside Dalmatians and
Karen Moore, South St Dalmatians
Stutter finished his Championship at only 11 months old with two Specialty Winner's Dog awards, multiple Best of Breed wins and Group placements, all from the puppy classes.  He has an exceptional temperament - smart, sweet, and full of himself without being aggressive.  And he's passing it along to his puppies, along with his short back, level topline, dark eyes, wonderful movement ... oh, and his handsome head!  It's his good looks that have turned Strutter into a career Dalmatian - He's the logo for Sunshine Graphics.  He just finished filming his THIRD commercial, and he's travel across the country with a Veterinarian, working as the Education/Demo dog teaching school children about animal care.

His temperament is so outstanding that his owner Trish, has been approached by individuals wanting to purchase Strutter to become their Assistance/Service dog.  He's staying with Trish, after all, he is HER boy, but it is still quite an honor!  Particularily because his sire, Grady, is just that ... a working Assistance/Service dog.  Like Father, like Son!  And, the beat goes on, so to speak, as a Strutter Grandpup, Tristan, is currently in training to become an Assistance/Service dog in addition to completing his Championship.