With no class entries on the June circuit in Montana, Robin showed only once and made me proud with a
Bred-By Group III in very strong competition!

Rockin' Robin ROCKED the Fall Montana Circuit by going Winners Bitch all four days to start her all-breed show career off undefeated!  She even defeated her mommy, Ginny, who has 3 majors and needs only 1 point to finish her Championship!!

At DCA 2008 Robin blew everyone away who knew of her horrible start in life.  And those who didn't know of her trauma, assumed she was just an outgoing, sweet girl, with a "Strutter-Butt" full body tail wag.

It was her first time in a show ring, and a lot to ask of a young girl, who's overcome so much, but she made me so proud by making the cut in all three of her large classes (Sweeps, Futurity, and 12-18 months).
If it wasn't before, it's obvious now.  There is nothing this sweet little girl can't do!
Dashing's What Dreams May Come

"Strutter" Ch Bayside's South St Srutter CGC TDI x "Ginger" Ravin About Dashing's Lass
Robin is a very special girl - she was the puppy in her litter identified with exceptional potential by several temperament tests ... even my Vet, when doing her 'well-puppy' exam of Robin commented "I LOVE this puppy's energy" (meaning life energy, not activity).  She's incredibly smart, loves 'to work', has an unflappable attitude, and a complete joy for life that is evident by her full-body-wag, aka "Strutter Butt"!!  Top that off with great angles, lovely spotting, a short back and level topline, tight feet, a pretty face, and you've got the makings of a show girl too!  She's petite ... only 21" and 40 pounds, so her nickname is "Little Bit", which fits her - not just because of her size, but because she's a "Little Bit" of heaven too!  Of course she'll always be "Peanut" to her Grandma Trish.  If you can't tell from this ... it's obvious right away when you meet her ... Robin has a way of stealing hearts ... it's her gentle love, funny antics and joyous 'Strutter-Butt' full body tail wag that get's them every time!!

Originally Robin was placed with a trainer to become a Service Dog, but things went very wrong ... she was neglected, abused, and went to three different homes (two in Florida and one in Texas) before I took her back at the tender age of 7 months.  She is safe and home now, and has overcome her nightmare of a start.  She's learned to trust people again and everyone comments on her wonderful behavior and sweet, gentle nature.  One lady has even commented several times that she's never wanted a dog before, but really wants Robin ... of course I've told her she can't have her because she's staying with me.  But what a lovely compliment! 

Robin's show career has started off on a wonderful note.  At DCA she made the cut in all three of her very large classes.  Her first pawsteps into the all-breed ring during the Fall Montana Circuit proved even more promising as she went undefeated all four days for Winners Bitch!  The judges and people ringside have commented on what a wonderful mover and how cute and sweet she is ... Thanks everyone!
Color: Liver & White    BAER: Bilateral
Eyes: Amber                  OFA: TBD
Size: 21" & 40 lbs          Cerf: Clear - ISD Free      
Robin is linebred on the following outstanding Dalmatians:
BIS/BISS Ch. Fireman's Freckled Friend
BISS Am/Can Ch Long Last Perfect for Paisley CD
BISS Ch Count Miguel of Tuckaway
Am/Can Ch Challenge's First Alarm CDX
Am/Can Ch Mt Miranda Rights of Ravin
For show career highlights ...
Robin in her favorite pose, while she looks out the window ... a "Little-Bit" like Ava Gardner, wouldn't you agree?