Lilly is a new CHAMPION earning her second major on 12/12/09 in Ohio, handled again by Shannon Riggins.  They were a beautiful pair in the ring!!  Way to go girls!!

Lilly earns a 4 point MAJOR under judge Dr. Robert Smith!!  She was expertly handled by Shannon Riggans, whom Lilly just adores!!  Thanks Shannon and Dr Smith for this nice wiin!!

Lilly does it again ... after almost 9 months off from showing, Lilly goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and BEST-of-BREED again under respected judge Miss Maxine Beam!

Lilly earns her first  points by going BEST-of-BREED over Specials from the 6-9 month Puppy Class!

She follows that up her next weekend out by going BOW under Breeder/Judge Elaine Lindhorst!  Way to to Lilly!!

We couldn't be prouder!
Lilly going Best of Breed over Specials her first weekend showing!
New Champion!  What a beautiful girl!
Kurtis Photography Inc
Kurtis Photography Inc
Lilly's (first) 4 point Major by Dr. Robert Smith!  Expertly handled by Shannon Riggans
Going Best of Winners, under Breeder/Judge Elaine Lindhorst
Kurtis Photography Inc
Ch. Dashing's Fire Flower

"Strutter" Ch Bayside's South St Srutter CGC TDI x "Ginger" Ravin About Dashing's Lass
Co-owned with Cindy Chaytor in Ohio, Lilly is a beauty ... with wonderful angles and liver spotting, tight feet, a lovely neck, and her Mommy's beautiful face.  She's got an incredible - "Look at ME!" attitude and free stacked as a puppy!  At shows in Billings a Borzoi breeder/exhibitor was enchanted by her - noticing her from a distance in an x-pen with her littermates.  And other Dal breeders/exhibitors commented on her lovely movement, structure and showy attitude. 

But you can't judge a book by it's cover ... she may be beautiful, but she's got as much brains as beauty!  She will sit and watch a situation unfold ... analyzing everything.  You can see it in her eyes and how she acts ... it will give you goose bumps!  She's definitely too smart for her own good and probably too smart for most people.  Good thing her mom, Cindy, is good at staying on her toes and keeping an eye out for Lilly antics ... now if I could just get her to stop telling Lilly to, "don't even think about it!" because Lilly is ALREADY thinking about it when Cindy sees 'the look'.  Oh but she makes up for it in her outgoing and incredibly sweet personality.  Not only has she never met a stranger (either two or four legged), but she
adores everyone she meets and is very open about sharing her feelings.  She's quite the charmer!!

She's smart, sweet, and pretty.  I just can't wait to see what the future holds for her! 
Lilly is one of those dogs that few people are  blessed to have in their lives. 

She lives her life with a sense of belonging, giving love freely to everyone.  She's incredibly confident, and wonderfully kind.  She knows exactly how people are feeling and generously gives of her love and empathy.

Lilly is truly  our 'Flower Child'!
For show highlights:
Lilly is linebred on the following outstanding Dalmatians:
BIS/BISS Ch. Fireman's Freckled Friend
BISS Am/Can Ch Long Last Perfect for Paisley CD
BISS Ch Count Miguel of Tuckaway
Am/Can Ch Challenge's First Alarm CDX
Am/Can Ch Mt Miranda Rights of Ravin
Color: Liver             BAER: Bilateral 
Eyes: Amber            OFA: TBD
Height: 21 3/4"        Thyroid: TBD          Weight: 47 lbs.        CERF: Cear - ISD Free
                               CHIC: DNA
Who knew 'keep away' over an ice cube could be so much fun?! 
These pictures are of Lilly and her Grandma, Cindy's mom, Aggie.  Aggie thought Cindy was crazy to get another Dal when Lilly came, but Lilly is special ... her empathy, abundant love, and gentle nature won her Grandma Aggie over.  They were completely and utterly devoted to each other.  Aggie went home to be with the Lord, and left a huge hole in Cindy and Lilly's hearts.  But pictures like these will alway be, to remind us of what's important in this life ... LOVE and JOY !!  I know she's watching over you all ... but especially you Lilly and Cindy!