This lovely young girl was co-bred with Trish Dreby of Bayside Dalmatians and  is co-owned by myself and Dr. Jason and Stacy Bowles of Utah.

Kona has always been a standout in the litter ... she's bold, outgoing, fearless, and incredibly friendly.  She's never met a stranger or a strange circumstance.  And structurally she's just as nice, with nice angles front and back, a good topline, great bone and tight feet, wonderful spotting, and a beautiful face with nice dark eyes.  She should be a blast in the show ring!

Kona's family says she's all the rage in their home town in Utah.  She's even gone to school with Alex for show-and-tell and was a complete hit!!  She's also a very smart girl, and has been doing great wtih the trainer - she knows her sits, downs, stays, and working on her healing.  Pretty soon she and Stacy will be starting their show training too.  Kona will LOVE that - nothing like being the center of attention!

We're very excited for her promising future ... stay tuned because it's going to be a beautiful adventure!
Kona's Show Career Highlights
Bayside's Open Road BarNone "Hitch" x Ravin About Dashing's Lass "Ginny"
Dashing N Bayside's Island Lady