Blaze is Winners Dog and Best of Winners both days in Pittsburg for his first 4 points (2 points each day) and on Saturday was even Best of Opposite Sex over a Special!  He was expertly handled by Cindy Riggins, who stepped in for Shannon when she couldn't make it ... Thanks Cindy!  What a nice start to a promising brown-boy's show career!

Blaze's tail wags non-stop, and he really enjoys the company of everyone, two and four legged.  He's also completely convinced HE is the center of the universe ... just try and tell him otherwise, and he'll take all your attention as proof that he's right!

Blaze is home with his Mom, Cindy and the rest of the spotted crew in Ohio!

He's such a special boy ... in more ways than one.  I expect we'll hear big things about him in the future ... so stay tuned!
Blaze at 7 months
Dashing's Blazing Fire

"Tate" Ch Bayside's Little Man Big Plan x "Ginger" Ravin About Dashing's Lass
Surprisingly, there's just so much to say about such a young pup.  He's a singleton, the only puppy in his litter to survive.  He was incredibly strong and robust from the start, and that has never changed.  He's solid in structure and solid in temperament too - if a dog could have a motto his would be "living in the moment and loving every moment of it!".  Blaze truly is a 'good puppy'.  He's smart, unflappable, precocious, and thinks it's quite normal to be the center of attention all the time.  He'll be incredibly fun to show, because of his attitude, and his structure.  He's got wonderful shoulders, nice angles in back, a short and level topline, with a nice tailset.  And I would be remiss to not mention his incredible spotting ... a dark chocolate brown, evenly distributed, and many of the individual spots are huge ... as big as in a black spotted dog.  I'm certain he's going to turn heads!

Blaze lives with Cindy (I co-own him) and his 1/2 sisters, CH. Sparkles, and CH Lilly, along with older 'brother' Travis, and older 'sister' Bonnie, in Ohio.  No doubt he and Cindy will have many adventures in the conformation and performance rings.  She's wanted a liver boy to 'complete' her family for quite some time, and I'm certain her mom had something to do with Blaze's arrival, both here and with her.  Big Sissy, Lilly, is completely in love and acts like she's always known he was coming ... considering her special bond with her Grandma Aggie, I have to think Grandma whispered in her ear to let her know ahead of time.

Watch for regular updates ... he's a special boy in more ways than one!!
Color: Liver & White     Height: 22 3/4"
Eyes: Amber                  Weight:
BAER: Bilateral              OFA: Too Young
For show career highlights ...
Blaze at 7 weeks
Blaze at 7 months
"Hey!  Do you want to play?  If not, can I chase and bite at YOUR tail?"
"Geez!  No one wants to play ... what's a pup to do?"
"Tie goes to the runner, right?  So, that's SAFE at home plate for me!" ~ Blaze