The Ten Commandments
for my breeding program ...
~ One ~
Never forget the history of the Dalmatian and the traits and characteristics that have made it great.  Strive to preserve and maintain those historic traits and characteristics, but also breed to better the Dalmatian further still for the needs of future generations.
~ Two ~
Keep a clear picture of the ideal Dalmatian in my head.  Maintain a breed standard in my program that works towards that ideal and one that will not be swayed by fad or unduly influenced by the opinions of others.  If I consistently maintain a standard of quality in my program people will recognize and appreciate what I have accomplilshed regardless of fads or trends.
~ Three ~
Recognize that I am breeding Dalmatians and as such, it is a breed wth a preference for coat pattern and characteristics.  I may not always get ideal characteristics and coat pattern but obtaining them should be a high priority goal.
~ Four ~
Remember that pretty is as pretty does.  Breed equally for balance, structural correctness, athletic ability, coat pattern, temperament and total health.
~ Five ~
Never forget the value of research and learning.  There is no such thing as knowing too much or knowing it all when it comes to breeding Dalmatians.
~ Six ~
Always understand that I will never breed the perfect Dalmatian ... there is no such thing as a perfect Dalmatian ... but I can strive towards producing a MORE perfect Dalmatian by selecting only the best quality Dalmatians to reproduce.  Further, I will attemp to make each generation even better than the previous one by honestly assessing each Dalmatian, carefully considering its strengths and weaknesses and then breed accordingly to enhance the strengths and compensate for those weaknesses.
~ Seven ~
Look toward the future with an open mind.  Never be afraid to take a calculated risk, explore a new bloodline or to try a new idea.  The biggest gains are rarely made by the most conservative moves.  Recognize exceptional opportunities when they present themselves and never be afraid to embark upon them.
~ Eight ~
Learn from the successes of other breeders and appreciate their accomplilshments as well as the qualities of their Dalmatians.  Breeding is a competition within my own program only.  It's not a competition with other's breeding programs.  Each time my Dalmatians go into the conformation ring it is a personal goal to beat my previous accomplishments.
~ Nine ~
Always remember to breed for the betterment of the breed.  Never compromise my ethics, honesty, or integrity by jeapordizing the health and well being of the breed through inheritable genetic defects which are either life threatening or of a serious nature to pet owners in order to promote my stud or breeding program or for other such shallow gains as show wins..
~ Ten ~
There is nothing wrong with breeding for the type of Dalmatian I personally love and enjoy, but I must also be aware that in order to endure as a responsible breeder of Dalmatians, I also have to breed for what others will love and enjoy.